Discover Some Bodyweight Training Secrets That Will Build Explosive, Powerful Muscle

The fact is there are certain ways to build explosive, powerful muscle in a shorter period time then you may think. There are people that say that there are no secrets to training or there is no quicker way without drugs to build muscle and burn fat at a more rapid pace.

I’m here to tell you that there are secrets. Some know them, but most people don’t. I have searched and searched for the quickest most effective way to get the quickest results. My findings helped me drop 85lbs of bodyweight in about 5 months. I didn’t use drugs. I didn’t go after supplements except for some amino acids. I did change a lot and studied a lot, and still didn’t get the results I wanted.

Since I’ve changed to bodyweight training my life has changed. I can do more now then I could when I was in my early 20’s. But until I found what I call the secrets and the reason I say it’s my secret is because from all the study and programs I’ve bought, all the books and magazines I’ve read over the last 25 years they all were missing the real secrets that produced the best results.

I’ll give you some real easy basic tips that will change and impact your level of fitness.

#1. Use a simple concept. Don’t read to much into it.
#2. Hard work. There is no easy way to build strength and a high level of fitness, jogging and walking won’t do it.
#3. Watch how other people exercise and train and don’t do that. Never follow the masses.
#4. You should آموزش بازی انفجار everyday. Your body will tell you when you need rest.
# 5. You never need to train as long as you think you do.
# 6. Food does matter. You can’t get strong eating foods that will make you weak.
# 7. Train fast and explosive.


Here’s a jump rope – divebomber circuit you can try. Skip rope as fast as you can to 100 then do 10 divebomber pushups. Repeat non stop for 5 to 7 sets try to do each set in a minute this will mean you need to try fast as possible. This is not an easy workout. Toughness Builds Winners